Servos are motors, gearboxes and speed controllers all contained in one small box. When Antweights first started back in 1999, servos were the only way to effectively drive your Ant. These days, while some Ants do still use servos they are more likely to be running on tiny motors (some of which include gearboxes) and separate speed controllers.

Popular Servo Makes

* C141/GWS Pico BB+/Multiplex Pico - Small and very reliable servo, no drillin or glue needed for speedhack. Have become popular in the “fairyweight” class in the USA.

  • Supertec Naro HP/BB - Motors burn out on 4.8V in a short time. Not designed for continuous operation.
  • Tower ProSG-50 - 5 gram, 0.7kg/cm - Recomended not to be used in Antweights.
  • Saturn S62 - Small and cheap, easy to mod. Spare gear-sets not available.
  • BMS-306/BB - Light, not so much torque, works on 6V, may even work on 7.2V.
  • SD200 - used in Antweights who wanted a lot of power. Quite slow but provides a lot of torque and pushing ability.
  • HPX F/Park Flyers - One of the quickest servos around. Perfect for flipper and lifter. A bit unsure on for drive.
  • Hitec HS-81 - Gears strip very easily, not recommended as drive servos.
  • S3003 - Standard servo. The best for beginners with no servo experience. Big and heavy. very quick when speed hacked.