Antweight World Series Rules

All Antweight competitions follow the official Antweight World Series Rules.

The most up-to-date version of the World Series Rules can always be found at the Robotwars101 Rules Page

Summary of Basic Rules

This is a summary of the main rules for Antweights. For a full, detailed set please see the link above.

  • Rolling (Wheeled) Antweights must not weigh more than 150 grams. Walkers can be up to 225 grams.
  • All robots (Wheeled or Walkers) must fit into a 10cm (4 inch) cube before they can take part in competition. They may expand once in the arena, but only via remote control (i.e. they cannot just be springy).
  • All battles must take place in a battle box enclosed arena, which is approximately 3 feet square with 50% of the perimeter left open to form a ”drop off zone”.