Antweight Wiki Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page has been created with the aim of answering many of the questions people have about the Antweight Wiki. It is updated regularly, if you have a question that isn't answered here let us know on the FAQs discussion page!

General FAQs

What is this Wiki? Who is it for?

This Wiki was set up in late 2006 with the aim of becoming a large resource for information on Antweights. It is aimed at everybody, from beginners to long time roboteers. Anyone is welcome to edit it!

Whats a "Discussion" page?

Every page on the Wiki has its own accompanying “Discussion” page. These pages are for users to discuss the articles on the Wiki. Please remember, the discussion pages are not really for talking about the subject of the page, they are for discussing the content of the page and how it may be improved.

It should be noted that even if a page is only editable by Administrators, the discussion page can still be edited by anyone. They are therefore a good place for suggestions on what should be displayed on important pages like the main page.

What software does the Wiki use?

This Wiki uses DokuWiki. It works a little differently than MediaWiki which is what Wikipedia uses, and which many editing guides on the web are written for. If you want to know what syntax you can use when editing pages, please see the DokuWiki Syntax Guide.


Note: the official DokuWiki FAQ has a simple guide for how to create/edit/delete pages on this Wiki.

How do I edit a page?

When you are viewing most pages (for exceptions, see below), in the navigation links at the top there will be tab marked “Edit”. Click it, and edit away! You can use syntax (which is like BBCode on discussions forums) to improve the look of the pages on the Wiki. A guide of the syntax the Wiki supports can be found here: DokuWiki Syntax Guide.

Can I edit any page?

You can edit *almost* any page. Some important pages (like the main page) are only editable by Wiki Administrators. Generally, pages that are not editable by anyone will show a “View Pagesource” button instead of an “Edit” button. Remember however, that you should only edit a page if you think you can improve the content it has already. A Wiki is not about seeing who can make the most edits!

I clicked "Edit" but it said the page was "Read Only", what does this mean?

Most likely you either need to be logged in to edit that page, or you need to be a Wiki Administrator to edit it. Read Only pages should be few and far between, and if you believe a page is erroneously marked as Read Only please let the Wiki Administrators know.

Generally, only key pages like the main page will have restrictions on who can edit them, because they will be seen by almost every visitor it is important they are not sabotaged by malicious users and that they give a good first impression.

I tried to edit a page, but it was "Locked". What does this mean?

If a page comes up as locked when you try and edit it, then another user has very recently made changes, or is currently making changes, to that page. While the lock is in place, only the user currently working on the page can make changes to it, to prevent users overwriting each other's edits. The lock expires five minutes after the last edit was made to the page in question, after which anyone can make edits to that page again.

User Registration and Profiles

How do I register?

In the top right hand corner of the Wiki page, there is a “Login” link. Click it, and underneath the login form that loads there is a another link to the registration page.

Do I have to register to edit pages?

No, user registration is not required to edit most pages. Users who do not have an account or are not logged in can still change pages. These users will be identified by their computer's IP address rather than a normal username in the list of recent changes. Update November 2011: Unfortunately due to spam attacks anyone who wishes to edit a page must first register for an account

What benefits do I gain by registering an account?

Registered users will have all their edits “signed” by their account. This means other users can more easily identify which user made a certain edit. If you register an account, only you will be able to edit the Wiki using your chosen username.

The other benefit is that registered users automatically receive their own page on the Wiki, to use however they wish (within the rules!). Some users describe a little about themselves, others leave it completely blank. If you wish, you can even upload a photo of yourself or robots to your profile page.

To register, I have to provide my email address. What do you use it for?

Most of the time we don't use your email address for anything, except sending you reminders if you lose or forget your password for your account. Occasionally, an email may be sent to users regarding important changes to the Wiki, such as down time for maintenance. If you are confident you will not need the password recovery feature, then a valid email address is not required if you do not wish to provide one.

Is my email address displayed on the Wiki anywhere?

Generally, no. Your email address is not displayed publicly unless you choose to do so. If your email address is displayed automatically, then the Wiki software garbles it to make it much more difficult for your address to be harvested by spam bots.