Flippers are one of the most popular weapons. At a basic level, a flipper consists of an arm designed to slide under the opposing robot, and then raise up-wards to turn the opponent over. If the other robot has no way of getting back onto its wheels this can prove an effective means of immobilising it.

In the heavier weight classes they are usually pneumatically powered, while most Antweight flippers are powered by servos or motors. However there have been a few Antweights with pneumatic flippers. Many of these used pistons and gas tanks from the Lego pneumatics set, which provides a faster and more powerful flipper than using servos. Making a pneumatic flipper suitable for use in an Antweight is more difficult however, as the gas tank and pistons take up a lot of room and weight compared to a servo.

Some of the most successful and popular robots throughout all the weight categories have been flippers. For instance:

Toro (former superheavyweight champion)
Chaos 2 (former 2 time heavyweight champion)
Aftershock (featherweight champion)
Stewie (the runner up of AWS 25)
Odyssey (Antweight with 3 championships)