Fighting Robots

Fighting Robots are machines in all shapes and sizes designed to do battle against other fighting robots, like the gladiators in ancient Rome. There are certain defining lines that robots all have in common, thanks to official rules and and general practicality. Robots can be as small as the 75 gram 'Fleaweight' class, and as large as the 340-pound 'Super Heavyweight' class.

Weight Classes

The common weightclasses are as follows:

  • 75g - Fleaweight (UK and US)
  • 150g - UK Antweight (in the US fairyweight)
  • 1 pound (454 g) - Sozbot or US antweight
  • 12 pound (5.44 kg) - Hobbyweight (US and Scandinavia)
  • 6 kg - Raptor weight (Germany and Holland)
  • 30 pound (13.6 kg) - Featherweight (worldwide)
  • 60 pound (27 kg) - Lightweight (worldwide but most common in the US)
  • 120 pound (54 kg) - Middleweight (worldwide but most common in the US)
  • 220 pound (100 kg) - Heavyweight (worldwide)
  • 340 pound (154 kg) Super Heavyweight (worldwide but most common in the US)

These weighlimits sometimes change. The weightlimit of UK and European mainland feathers used to be 12kg but since 2008 these have now been altered to follow suit with the rest of the world at 13.6kg including any gas that might be required to power a weapon.