Event Organisers

Event organisers are the people or teams that make robot combat events happen. They organise the venue, arena the date(s) of the event and usually make tickets available for the general public to buy. There are organisers who hold events for Antweights, Featherweights and Heavyweights.

Antweight Event Organisers

Because the person or people who organise the Antweight World Series differs each time the event is run, most people involved in Antweights today have organised an event. Anybody can bid to hold the competition.[1]

Recently, Antweights have taken part in Heavyweight events as a side attraction to the main fights. Robots Live held an event in which the Antweight fights were projected onto a large screen so all the audience could see them fight.

Notable Organisers

Featherweight Event Organisers

Currently, there is only one active UK Featherweight event organiser, RoboChallenge[3]. They have a very capable arena, and in 2008 held the Fighting Robot Association Featherweight Championships. They held it again in 2009.

Extreme Fighting Machines (XFM) were another popular Featherweight organiser, however they are no longer active.

Heavyweight Event Organisers

There are two main Heavyweight organisers in the UK - Roaming Robots[4] and Robots Live[5]. They both hold many events throughout the year - most of which feature both Heavyweight and Featherweight robots. Robots Live have also started to include Antweights at their events as well.