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Antweight Arena

The arena is where all the fights take place. The floor of the arena is usually made from wood, and must be at least 30 inches (762mm) square.

At least 50% of the arena edges must be open, with a drop zone (or ditch) surrounding the arena to catch any robots that fall through the gap. The other 50% can either be walled (5cm is recommended as it allows the robots to flip each other over the wall and out of the arena) or just enclosed by the surrounding polycarbonate Battle Box leaving no room to flip the robots out.

The arena can include any number of hazards, though most just tend to stick with the open walls, leaving as much space as possible for the Antweights to fight. Hazards that have been used in the past include circular saws, model tyres and pits.

Arena Rules

As of version 4.0 of the Antweight World Series Rules, all arenas must comply with the following guidelines:

  • All battles must take place in a battle box, regardless of weapons being used in the battle (a minimum of 1mm thick polycarbonate is recommended for indirect contact with the robots. For direct contact, a minimum of 4mm thick polycarbonate is recommended).
  • The arena will be a raised platform with an area of at least 30 inches (762mm) square.
  • At least half of the edge of the arena must be unwalled, to allow robots to drop directly into the ditch that surrounds the arena (a recommended height for arena walls is 50mm).
  • The minimum distance between the edge of the unwalled part of the arena and the battle box (and therefore the width of the ditch) is 150mm.
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